Pot lights is recessed light that lighten down in conical pattern ,the most common area where pot lights prefered to be installed inside a house at living room,family room

bed rooms kitchen, Bathroom and hallway and outside around the house, the design and the number of pot lights depend on the area and the use of that area for example living room 12'X15'need 6 pots lights, Pot lights with trim 3”,4”or 6”can be installed, pot lights used could be Ic-rated used at insulated ceiling with Vapour Barrier Boot. Non Ic-rated used at non insulated ceiling depend on the ceiling to be installed.



1- Installation will be carried by certified and master electrician to make sure all wiring will be connected according to ESA code.

2- Pro. Fishing to insure all the wiring need to be connected to the pot lights will be fished through the joist without cut of the dry wall other than the hole to install

    the pot lights in.

3- No need to install crown molding to hide the electrical wires.

4- Insure extra care will be taken to keep the work area clean.

5- CSA Approved pot lights will be used, with very good quality screw type, with LED, COB OR HALOGEN BULB available, with dimmer switch in living area and

    competitive price.

6- Our offering of pot lights with best 3 watt LED or COB saving will lead to saving money and cut your hydro bill .